All the Feelings: Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon at 23 degrees of Cancer (Thursday, January 12th, 3:34am PST) is sure to bring up some emotions and sensitivity. Cancer rules the home and nurturance, as well as how our psyches were structured in early childhood. Its energy can feel cozy and comforting, but also has the potential to surface difficult memories, or deep seated emotions.

If emotions do arise, let them release. Observe what comes up. Try not to add to the story. Watch your mind, watch your feelings. Breath them into the earth. Access Cancer’s gift for nurturance and care for yourself. Give yourself love and kindness.

There are currently 3 planets, 2 major asteroids, and the south node of the moon all in Pisces. This adds to the emotional, sensitive quality of this full moon. All this Pisces might have us feeling even more super sensitive, feeling not only all of our deep emotions that are usually unconscious, but also everyone else’s energy too. There is a possibility of feeling a little raw or vulnerable at this time. Take it slow. Take some down time. Rest.

With the Sun in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer, there’s an opportunity to integrate Cancer and Capricorn energies--to find the meeting place between our inner and outer lives, our home life and public life, our sensitivity and our ambition. In the process of integration, there may be some tension between these areas of our lives.

This month, the Sun and Moon also make 90 degree angles to Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. These four points in the sky form a big square, called a grand cross. This means tension and stress.

Some of the most creative and successful people in the world have difficult aspect patterns like this one in their natal chart. Tension and stress are what motivate creativity.

In this case, we are pushed to integrate not only our inner and outer lives, but also self and other (Aries and Libra). None of these are inherently opposed, but we tend to lean toward one direction or the other. Here’s an opportunity to find the balance--or even better, to see how they are not at odds at all. This kind of vision which integrates duality is the very basis of creativity.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is highlighted at the full moon, but continues throughout most of 2017. This aspect can on the one hand trigger shock and rebellion. On the other hand, it can induce flashes of genius and creative insight. So keep your journal at hand for ideas that will disappear as quickly as they flash through your mind.

More than anything Jupiter opposite Uranus wants freedom. If we don’t proactively seek freedom, and make the necessary changes in our lives, change may be forced upon us. To work with this aspect, find the courage to make the changes you know are in alignment for you. Seek freedom for yourself and others. Opportunities abound.

Jupiter is also tying back together the waning Uranus-Pluto square that has been fomenting revolution since 2010. This year is the time to really move forward on all that we’ve contemplated both collectively and in our personal lives since 2010. Every one of us is being called to make major change this year. Only you know what exactly that change is. We each have our part to play.

Mercury stationed direct on January 8th, but it’s still in its shadow, so retrograde themes are likely to continue to surface until January 27th, when Mercury enters new territory. This is a rare moment when all planets are moving forward, so especially later in the month and into early February, it’s a good time to move forward with plans and take action.

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