New Moon in Sagittarius: What Now?

Uranus the trickster, activated this December by an opposition to Jupiter, has been playing its games, inciting change at any cost. Uranus is the revolutionary, the activist, the firecracker, the terrorist, the fool. Trump has Uranus conjunct his sun. But we all have access to this energy of change, especially now. And we all have power (Jupiter square Pluto), especially together (Jupiter in Libra).

We can wield this energy in our favour, to envision into being something new. Tuesday morning’s (4:18am PST;  12:18pm UK) New Moon in Sagittarius brings hope. Or at least, a renewed sense of energy, a revitalization of our efforts. Sagittarius is naturally optimistic, and future oriented. It’s time that we pour ourselves, heart and soul, in creating the world we dream of.

Sag seeks truth. Not what our teachers tell us, nor our politicians, the television, or our parents. But our own, inner, intuitive sense of truth. This New Moon inspires us to feel within to what resonates. To question all beliefs, and release those that have expired. Belief can become rigid, habitual; so thick, there’s no space for what’s new, no room to grow or adapt or seek new ground. So what beliefs are you ready to release?

The shadow of Sagittarius is dogmatism. Righteousness. Particularly with Saturn transiting the sign from the end of 2014--end of 2017, we can see, collectively, a constriction in belief. We see increasing polarization, and extremism, with people on all sides, holding more and more tightly to their own position. This only creates more division, hatred, and violence.

Jupiter’s transit through Libra (until October 2017) encourages us to collaborate, to build bridges, to work together. That’s only possible when we see past our differences. There won’t be justice if we can’t work together with people who don’t have exactly the same opinions, beliefs, politics, viewpoints as we do.

So, now, at this New Moon, when we’re getting in touch with what’s true for us--which is SO important, let’s also remember that my truth may be different from yours, but we may still be able to cooperate. And when we do, our power magnifies.

This New Moon is square to Neptune and the nodal axis, highlighting collective disillusionment, confusion, and escapism. But this aspect also offers vision: a vision of what we might build, if we work together. A vision of a future with justice and peace. A sense of our collective destiny and evolution, and insight into our individual roles in this process.

As Jupiter opposite Uranus builds over the course of December, we may witness violence, sudden change, shock, and surprise. Uranus desires freedom and change at any cost. BUT. We can use this energy intentionally and avoid much unnecessary violence. Uranus also brings insight, inspiration, and innovation. Harness your sudden flashes of brilliance, and get ready. Because things are changing quickly.

Jupiter opposite Uranus also ties together the waning Uranus-Pluto square, that since 2010 has been inspiring revolution, and frustration with the status quo. So while Uranus-Pluto is not as strong as it was in the past few years, this month we see another wave of that energy. A renewed desire for change. And perhaps some integration of what we’ve learned over the past 7 or so years with regards to collective action, revolution, and evolution.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what is right action in this moment in history. Do I put my effort into fighting the status quo, into resistance? Or do I turn my back on the dying system and devote myself to creating something new. Lately the latter seems more and more right. But that’s my truth. What is yours?

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