“Andi has a gentle way of remaining focused on her client's needs while empowering and enlightening aspects of a chart in a positive light. She has a true gift for seeing beauty in others and offering guidance toward higher knowledge. I am deeply grateful for Andi's professional expertise.”

~Susan Horning


“As a newcomer to in-depth astrology readings (newspaper horoscopes don't count!) I was immensely grateful to be guided through this intimate process by reader/healer Andi. Andi invited me into the reading process by repeatedly checking in to see if her interpretations held resonance, and using my responses as a guide towards further exploration. I was surprised by some of the connections we made, and at the same time I felt I was participant in making those very connections. After my initial reading and follow up reading with Andi, I gained insights into the greater 'energies' moving through my path, as well as specific things I might do to harness those energies."

~Matea Kulic


“I booked my reading as a birthday present to myself.  I thought I would learn a bit more about my chart, the upcoming planetary influences, and how they would affect me. The experience was much deeper and more potent than I expected. We discussed different aspects and in the context of what is happening in my life. We talked about options I might take, some that I’ve never considered, and themes I might want to play with. I left with a deeper confidence about my future and direction. It’s strange to describe but I’ve felt really solid in myself since my reading, and I feel like I know what to do now. Thank you Andi!"



“Andi's reading was one of the most insightful and accurate readings of me and my relationship. As a coach myself, highly intuitive and also a follower of astrology for many years, I rarely meet someone as pragmatic and spiritual in this field as I feel Andi is. My partner and I now consider Andi as our family astrologer and will definitely consult her for certain matters as life unfolds. Thank you Andi for highlighting the best and the 'watch out' aspects for us, it helps our happiness immensely.”

~Duda Jadrijevic


“I had such a great experience getting my full natal chart read by Andi. I learned a lot about myself and how people may perceive me. Andi was really helpful in interpreting ways to improve my astrological disposition. I now feel more confident in the qualities I have and I am more self aware in areas where I have potential. Learning about your soul and your inner capabilities is such a special advantage. Andi was extremely professional, insightful, and uplifting - I definitely recommend Andi to help you along in your journey of self-discovery."



"Andi translates the daily movement of the cosmos into soul-affirming messages of truth and guidance to take with you throughout the week. I seriously can't wait to open her emails. In my chart reading, she affirmed a recent decision to shift my business in a new direction in a way no words can truly express. If you are looking for affirmation, inspiration, and Universal support....you're in exactly the right spot. Andi is truly a divine connection between the stars and us!"

~Sarah Miller


"Andi was clearly knowledgeable in her craft and was genuinely engaged in helping me see things from a different perspective. I left Andi's reading feeling like I knew more about myself than I did going into it, and over the course of the reading felt comfortable speaking about myself openly with Andi. Her presence offered a calming balance of encouragement and reflective counsel. "



"Andi seems to have an intuitive grasp of astrology and I found her reading spoke directly to many of my biggest life questions. I appreciated her willingness to go against more traditional binary interpretations and to explore the significance of things outside of categories like bad or good, masculine and feminine, and strengths and weaknesses....I'd strongly recommend Andi to anyone interested in astrology."



"I met with Andi for my very first chart reading - and what a cool experience! She was eerily correct about aspects of my life and personality. To think that was all taken from the stars blows my mind. There were also questions she asked that caused me to pause  and re-evaluate my direction and purpose in life, quite thought provoking! Andi was really lovely and sweet. You can tell she puts a lot of thought and effort into producing your chart interpretations. I would recommend her readings to my friends for sure!"



Yoga Testimonials


“I’d never attended a yoga class before, so I was admittedly a bit anxious about it, but Andi’s class was very welcoming and her instructions were immensely helpful. I come every week now; it’s great. I highly recommend her class!”


"Andi creates a nurturing and safe space for people of all backgrounds and abilities to do their practice. Her presence is authentic and graceful, her teaching style is gentle, yet engaging. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and feel they are a highlight of my week."


“Andi is engaged and approachable. Her teaching style invites the student to find challenge without strain. I always feel more buoyant and and calm after taking a class with her.”


“Yoga with Andi is the cornerstone of my physical and mental health practice. Her classes help to heal body and mind. I highly recommend Andi. She is a special teacher.”