Are You Psychic? New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune and coincides with Mercury’s station, meaning Mercury is at a standstill in the sky, hovering at 29 Pisces, readying to backtrack through Pisces over the next weeks (till March 28). The asteroid Vesta is also conjunct Neptune and the New Moon. That’s a lot of Pisces energy and boi I am feelin it.

Over the past year or so it’s become increasingly clear to me that the way in which I write these Moon letters is not so much the typical astrological analysis/weather forecast. Rather, I aim to get as close to the energy as I can, and I channel it through my writing. Each moon letter has a very different feel, because I’m not writing as myself, I’m writing in the voice of the planetary energies. I often am writing right up to the lunation itself, which is why I usually post these letters right about at the time of the new/full moon or shortly afterwards. Interesting that it fully dawning on me what I’m doing now that the energy spells psychic vibes.

As I seek to tap into this energy though, there are few words. This energy feels to me like silence. Silence, not as nothing, but as the most profound experience. I’ve been meditating for many years, but in the last few days I’ve experienced some of the most profound moments of silence and presence and stillness. And then for a moment everything makes sense and there is nothing to know or understand or say.

To me, this energy isn’t coming through so much in words. And where words are concerned, they are unlikely to be very straightforward or logical or linear. (If you must write or communicate in any form, it’ll flow better if you allow it to be circular, poetic, symbolic. Don’t worry too much right now about where the commas go. If you’re working on an epic fantasy poem, you’re in luck. If you’re writing a grant application, give yourself some extra time to remember how sentences work.)

Even better, use this energy to channel your guides, or tune your psychic superpowers. Or just to feel. We spend so much time thinking. Try something else for a change. Pisces wants to feel, to be, to love. Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, encompasses all. It’s aim is universal love, it’s motive is compassion. It knows--not intellectually, but deep down in its every pore--that we are all connected, that ultimately, all is one.

With the added influence of Neptune and Mercury retrograde and Vesta, we all have greater access to psychic abilities right now. We are all more open to the vibes of the collective. Our psychic boundaries are more permeable. We can feel what others feel, think what others think.

There are many different ways in which to be psychic. We tend of think of being psychic as knowing intellectually what’s going to happen. But some people receive sensations or see images in their mind’s eye, or are sensitive to the energies around them. I suspect there are many ways to be psychic and energetically sensitive. I would love if you would share with me the ways in which you are psychic and if you connect that to your sign.

One of the best ways to realize your psychic abilities is to notice your feelings and thoughts, without identifying with them. What if we could observe a thought as if it were just part of nature, just there, existing in the psychic realm, without feeling the need to own it. Normally a thought arises, and we assume it’s ours. We unconsciously claim it. We think it IS us. But try this for a practice: observe the thoughts, the feelings, even the bodily sensations, as if they don’t belong to you. It’s not an easy practice, but if you can do it, you will see that many of what arises emanates from those around you, and from the collective.

Many of us will have an instantaneous reaction to such a suggestion. It’s impossible, it’s unhealthy, it makes no sense. That’s the ego raising its defences against the possibility of annihilation. I know it sounds strange. Treat it scientifically. Here’s a method. Try it, and observe for yourself what happens. And then let me know!

I love you. I hope you’re enjoying these Pisces vibes as much as I am.