Rise Above: Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio will be exact on Sunday April 29th at 5:58pm PST at 10 degrees of Scorpio. This Full Moon represents the culmination of the cycles instigated with the Aries New Moon two weeks ago, and with the Scorpio New Moon six months ago. What was initiated at those times that is coming into fullness now? The Scorpio full moon is always a potent time of depth and intimacy during this lush and sensual Taurus time of year.

Scorpio seeks transformation and renewal; courageously diving into the depths to grapple with that which has been repressed, to confront the dragons and turmoil within--to release, accept, clean up, forgive, love--ie to offer medicine to those monsters, not to kill them. And then to emerge renewed and utterly transformed. Scorpio is the scorpion, comfortable with darkness, protective of its sensitive core. Scorpio is also the Eagle, the scorpion transformed, no longer defensive, but soaring above the drama, above the ego, free and powerful.

Sexuality and finance are themes connected with both Scorpio and Taurus, so they are doubly highlighted at this time. Scorpio sees sexuality as a means toward intimacy, whereas for Taurus, sex is about pleasure and sensuality. Scorpio is interested in entanglement, and has skill with shared finances, investments, loans--money from sources other than work. Taurus on the other hand seeks self-sufficiency and material security and as such relates to income from work. So at this time, when the Sun is in Taurus, and the Moon is in Scorpio, we are managing the balance between these different perspectives.

Harness the Taurean gift for self-valuation before diving into the Scorpionic waters of intimacy. Remember who you are, that you are a divine creation of the universe itself, that you are valuable and worthy. And then with that as your foundation plunge forth wherever your passion leads. Seek deep connection, seek the secrets of the universe, seek self-renewal. What do you wish to understand? Scorpio will take you there.

Think of Scorpio as either the defensive scorpion, or as the Eagle flying high. Notice when you feel defensive. It’s only natural to want to protect ourselves, but defensiveness emerges from the ego. It only pushes others way, hardens us, closes our hearts. Seek to understand why you’ve sought to protect yourself. Even our defensiveness is a loving attempt to care for ourselves. It just doesn’t work very well. Seek to understand your inherent power and magic. Seek to be the Eagle, who rises above lashing out, getting even, or becoming embroiled in drama.

With the Sun and Moon square to the nodal axis (the intersection between the orbit of the Earth and the orbit of the Moon), there is a choice: do what you usually do, or choose differently. Act out of habit, according to the past; or act out of will, according to the future. There is a heightened opportunity to evolve. There is a critical choice to make. They key is to be aware enough that you notice the choice, otherwise habit will always win. This isn’t about making yourself change, or guilting yourself for the way you are. Change happens in a split second through awareness, not through force.

The moon is close to Jupiter, which will be visible in the sky near the moon for the days around the full moon. And Venus will be visible in western sky just after the sun sets. Venus and Jupiter are the most pleasant of planets, Venus relating to beauty, harmony, connection, and Jupiter to joy, abundance, opportunity. There is nothing quite like the experience of bathing in the light of the planets while contemplating their significance, so if the skies are clear in the days around the Full Moon, see if you can glimpse Venus and Jupiter. With these benefic planets visible and aligned with the Full Moon (Jupiter in a conjunction with the Moon, Venus as the ruler of the Moon), there is a sweetness alongside the intensity and depth inherent to Scorpio.

I’ll be posting the May horoscopes soon, so stay tuned!!