What is Courage? New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is on Monday March 27th at 7:57pm PST. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries signals new beginnings and new life after the cold and dark of winter. Aries is full of energy and enthusiasm, and bursts forth through the frosted ground, ready for anything. Aries’ great gift is courage. Courage doesn’t mean being fearless; it means going ahead despite fear. This New Moon lends us the courage to stand more fully in our truth, to live our lives true to ourselves regardless of what others think or say.

Not only are the Sun and Moon in Aries, but so are Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and the asteroid Eris. With Saturn in Sagittarius as well, that’s a lot of fire! Fire is energy, it helps us initiate new projects and assert ourselves. Fire signs are enthusiastic, inspired, and optimistic. That said, all the planets in Aries are ruled by Mars in slow-going Taurus. So there is energy but it’s not moving anywhere very fast. This kind of fire is not explosive; it’s a carefully guarded flame that will burn for many days. It can help us work slowly and patiently. With Venus retrograde, this energy is just as conducive to review as it is to new beginnings.

If we struggle against this slow, reflective fire, we may find ourselves frustrated. It may feel like taking two steps forward, one step back. This energy is best used, not to fly forward (which might mean flying into a wall), but to clarify and then act on our values. What is truly important to you and why? What are your needs and desires? What do you actually want? These questions can seem so simple that we don’t always take the time to answer them. But unless we slow down and get really clear on what we want, we aren’t likely to actually achieve it. Clarifying our wants, needs, and desires can help us to communicate them as well.

More than anything, Venus retrograde wants us to think carefully about our relationships. What do you want from your relationships? Are you getting what you need from your relationships? Venus retrograde also supports reviewing or revisiting projects already underway, past creative projects, or past relationships. Venus makes its inferior conjunction to the Sun (meaning it’s between the Sun and Earth) on Saturday March 25th. This day may deliver special insight into the meaning of this Venus retrograde for you. Pay attention especially to themes of desire, needs, values, and relationships. What are your thoughts and insights around these? What stories do hear? What events or conversations around these themes do you witness?

Mercury opposite Jupiter (March 24th) and conjunct Uranus (March 26) may bring shocking or surprising news. It can also lead to creative insight and flashes of inspiration. There’s a potential for over thinking, or getting caught up in that disembodied circling of the mind. So stay grounded: don’t forget to eat, go for a walk, spend time in the forest, move your body.

To be honest with yourself, to communicate in relationships, to live according to your own values--these things aren't easy. They require courage. Maybe more than the physical feats that we typically think of as requiring courage. So, harness the courage Aries offers us this month, and find your truth.

Tap into Aries energy with this month's Astroyoga practice. Each month I make a yoga practice video that goes along with the month's astrology. This is a physical practice with many options, so no matter how much or little yoga experience you have there will be something for you. We focus on finding our edge physically, and working with "beginner's mind". 

Many New Moon blessings.