Radical Aquarius' Vision for the Future & Astroyoga

In this last week of the Sun’s transit through Aquarius, I’ve been thinking about Aquarius’ vision for the future: one in which, not just on a soul level, but in a practical, material sense, all humans seen as and treated as equal.

Aquarius envisions a future in which there is zero income inequality--in fact we outgrow our need for money altogether. Every single person is cared for and given what they need to thrive. We solve many problems through technological innovation, but don’t get absorbed into the technology: we attend to our inner light, and explore our subtle anatomy. 

What's your version of this dream?

If you wish to feel into Aquarian energy during this last phase of the lunar cycle, I’ve created an Astroyoga practice for just that. You can purchase the single class, or subscribe to receive a video practice each month.