Lead Into Gold: New Moon in Scorpio

When in the North the leaves turn colour then fall, how can we but think of death? Scorpio knows death is no ending, but a transformation from one state to another. The Scorpio New Moon (exact at 10:38am PST, 6:38pm UK on October 30th) falls a day before Samhain, the halfway point between Summer and Winter, the liminal moment between life and death when the veil between worlds thins, and our ancestors are near.

The New Moon brings new beginnings in intimacy, Scorpio’s great gift. Scorpio has the piercing gaze and courage required to see deeply into one’s soul. True intimacy needs grit. It means seeing the worst in someone--and ourselves, and not looking away. Scorpio knows that the beauty and life of springtime comes from the death and decay of fall. Death=life.

Scorpio’s interest in sexuality is as a powerful practice of merging with another. Scorpio enjoys energetic as well as physical union--sharing space, resources, money, in an exchange beyond the rules of commerce.

Transformation is Scorpio’s esoteric potential, the alchemical act of transmuting flaws into power, what's base into gold. Through intimacy with self and other, through courageous witnessing and battles in the deep, Scorpio dies to self to be renewed. Unlike any other sign, Scorpio has the potential for regeneration.

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury, planet of communication, and trine Neptune, which rules creativity, and spirituality. There is potential for intense but harmonious creative flow.

Saturn conjunct Venus could have us wondering if we are loved. In your loneliness, think of all the other lonely souls--we’re never alone when lonely. This aspect also brings discipline to relationship, helping us commit, and plan for the future. Intimacy and commitment are required for relationship to self just as much as to anyone else.

At this New Moon, when the sky is dark, there is a void into which we can release our pain. The New Moon is a symbolic death in the absence of light, the absence of the moon before it emerges again. Some part of us may die for the sake of transformation. With courage, go deep to dig up your struggles and offer them to the sky.

Through facing the darkness we find our power.

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Much love and blessings.