September 2018

With Mars and Mercury now direct, we are gaining momentum as we move toward Fall. Early in the month is your best bet for initiating new projects, moving ahead with what had been under review over the summer, and making new agreements and connections.

The Virgo New Moon is on September 9th. It opposes Neptune in Pisces, offering a spiritual vibe to what otherwise looks to be a productive, detail-oriented few days. Set intentions around tying up loose ends, taking care of business, and looking after your health. This would be a great time for a cleanse or for cleaning up your diet.

Venus is now slowing down in preparation for it’s retrograde, which isn’t official until early October, but we may already feel the intimations of transformation to our values, finances, and relationships. Althemoreso in the days around the New Moon when Venus opposes Uranus and squares Mars in a tense configuration that brings our will and desire for freedom to bear on our relationships.

The Equinox on the 22nd inaugurates Autumn, and is closely followed by the Aries Full Moon on the 24th. A Mars-ruled Full Moon square to Saturn may signify control, constraint, or restraint of physicality, will, and anger. Give yourself plenty of space for this one.

I believe astrology offers the medicine of a worldview in which Earth and Universe are understood as sacred, magical, and symbolic, and gestures to how we might live in harmony. 

From this perspective, I hope to offer practical guidance, and practices for working with and balancing the energy at hand. My intention is to foster self-knowledge & self-care. Read more.

About Readings

A reading is a collaboration between you and me: together we unfold the meaning of your astrology, the meaning in your life, by exploring the connections between your chart and your story. 

People often leave readings feeling validated in who they are, and more confident in their direction.  Read more. 

“Andi has a gentle way of remaining focused on her client's needs while empowering and enlightening aspects of a chart in a positive light. She has a true gift for seeing beauty in others and offering guidance toward higher knowledge. I am deeply grateful for Andi's professional expertise.” ~Susan Horning.  See more. 


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