My Approach to Teaching Yoga

To me, as well as offering ease in body and mind, yoga is a potent tool of transformation. My intention is to offer a physical practice that is sustainable, nourishing, and healing, as well as to facilitate a deep embodied experience, where students may go within and work alchemical magic. I enjoy integrating traditional yoga concepts with esoteric wisdom as well contemporary knowledge about physiology and movement. I teach in a way that is safe and approachable for beginners, while also challenging students to push their limits.

I’ve studied with some incredible teachers including Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman, Dustin Fruson, Bernie Clark, Brae Johnson, and Clara Roberts-Oss.

Yoga in Vancouver BC

Yin Yoga at Unity Yoga Teahouse on Fridays at 6:30pm

Hatha Yoga at Unity Yoga Teahouse on Sundays at noon

Hatha at 10:00am at The Hive Bouldering Gym in North Vancouver