Solar Eclipse New Moon Equinox

Astrology-wise, this just might be the busiest week of the year. 

Today (Monday, March 16th) is the last exact Pluto-Uranus Square for many years to come. Since 2012, these planets have been squaring off - coming into and out of an exact 90-degree angle. After today, they begin to go their separate ways. This aspect is all about power- how we use and abuse it, and how we find freedom and individuality. You might take some time this week to think about power. Do you have a mostly negative perception of what power is? What are some positive manifestations of power? Do you perceive others (e.g., individuals, governments, corporations) as misusing power? While those perceptions might be true, could they nevertheless be holding you back in some way? One example is the perception that everyone who is wealthy is greedy. If you believe this (consciously or unconsciously), you will limit the amount of wealth that can flow into your own life. That’s not to say that there’s no injustice surrounding money and our economic system; of course there is.


Some other questions you might ask yourself are: do you use your power wisely? Efficiently? Do you waste energy? Do you give your power away (through your thoughts, words, actions)? Do others hold power over you, or control you? Is there some way in which you might be enabling or inviting that? Now is a good time to acknowledge injustice while also seeking to understand our own role in what happens to us. What have you learned around power since the start of the Pluto-Uranus Square 2012? How have you changed?

Saturn has just gone retrograde, meaning from Earth it appears to be going backwards). Whenever planets turn retrograde, they work internally rather than externally. Saturn represents discipline, lessons (usually learned the hard way), hard work, time, and restriction. We might imagine Saturn as a stern teacher: he may not be pleasant, but he really wants the best for us. When Saturn’s energy turns inwards, it is a great time for self-discipline, really noticing your thought patterns and getting disciplined about what you let your mind do. After all, our thoughts really matter, right? They affect how we feel, as well as what we say and do. Self-discipline also relates to the theme of power: we gain power from being self-disciplined, by following our own inner authority rather than consciously or unconsciously allowing others to have power over us. 

Saturn’s association with time may also mean we are facing memories, looking at, working with, and reframing things that happened in our past. Over the next week, it might also seem that old “issues” that we thought we’d already overcome are rearing their heads once again. These reappearances represent another opportunity to witness our seemingly ingrained tendencies and choose to respond differently this time.


Saturn retrograde is also square Neptune and Mercury (conjunct) in Pisces. Mercury (Hermes) is the messenger, symbolizing communication, cognition, and mental life. Neptune melts boundaries, seeking union (whether through spirituality, drugs, sex, etc.) and universal love. Pisces is similar to Neptune in that it’s very creative and dreamlike, not very conducive to clear thinking. So Mercury is having a hard time here, right next to Neptune and in the sign of Pisces. Over the coming week, then, our thinking may not be very clear; we may find ourselves confused, or find it difficult to make decisions. These effects are fine as long as we don’t force anything.


If you do have to make a decision, instead of trying to think it through logically, try putting it to your subconscious and see if the answer arises spontaneously. Now is also a great time to meditate and work with your dreams. Before going to sleep, you might address your subconscious, expressing that you want to work cooperatively with it and to receive messages from your dreams. Then: see what happens.    


The square to Saturn may represent a tension between the imagined (Neptune in Pisces) and the real (Saturn in Capricorn). It’s necessary to dream, imagine, envision. But how do we keep from getting lost in space? How do we bring our dreams to reality? How do we at once stay grounded and practical AND dream big, create the future, etc Over the coming weeks, make it your focus to strike a healthy balance between these extremes. Many of us may also find ourselves exhausted mentally. For this reason, this cycle is a good time for reflection and rest. 

Tuesday, March 17th, Venus enters Taurus. Venus looooves being in Taurus, so this will feel good: we may find comfort, beauty, rest, luxury. Just be careful not to overindulge. ;) 


On Friday March 20th, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse AND the onset of Spring! This means big energy. An eclipse may eclipse something out of your life, bringing endings that make way for new beginnings. It may be that you lose or quit a job or undergo some other transition that makes space in your life. Again, use this time to rest. Coming just after the final Pluto-Uranus square, this energy seems also to signal letting go of limiting thought patterns and reactions having to do with the misuse of power, whether it is us misusing our power or others. Harness the energy of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces to help with the release. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Meditate. This letting go may well also clear the way for our power to flow into the world. Our blocks and mental tangles can limit and tie up our flow of energy, which stifles our personal power. 

With this new-found space and flow of energy, combined with the creative potential of all the Pisces energy, what will you bring to life with the New Moon and fresh energy of spring?


Mercury sextile Pluto on Sunday the 22nd may bring understanding, and transformational insight following the release of the eclipse.


Best of luck and much love,