A Soothing Balm

Thankfully, this week, the sky sends us a soothing balm after last week’s turmoil. There is time to process the cosmic initiation signalled by Friday’s total solar eclipse/new moon/equinox and last Monday’s Pluto-Uranus square. These events may still send out aftershocks, and rippling opportunities to release the past, let go of what no longer serves, and step more fully into who you are meant to be, but we are through the worst of it.


From Monday, March 23rd to Tuesday, March 24th, Venus in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This is a beautiful aspect. Venus represents beauty, love, and value, and in Taurus, this is doubly true. Venus here loves the finer things in life: good food, sensual pleasure, beauty, and comfort. Neptune is considered the “higher octave” of Venus, meaning a sort of exalted or spiritual love and beauty. And in Pisces, this is amplified. With these two cosmic lovers making a harmonious aspect, this presents an opportunity for us to take our love and enjoyment to a higher level. A great time for creativity and appreciation of music, art, and all things beautiful. This may also send you into fantasy: sometimes, that’s ok!


This is an especially good time to give yourself some self-love. This is where love and compassion begin. We can’t really love anyone else if we don’t truly love ourselves. Most of us are unnecessarily critical of ourselves. Start to tune in to your internal dialogue. Positive self-talk is the best antidote to negative self-talk. When you notice yourself saying or thinking something critical of yourself, come up with a phrase that could serve as its antidote. It can be anything, as long as it is positive, and believable. For example, let’s say you struggle with feeling like you don’t belong. You find yourself thinking that others don’t accept you, they don’t understand you, you are always an outsider. You could tell yourself, “I have friends. I am loved. I belong here.”


On Tuesday, March 24th, Mercury is conjunct Chiron in Pisces. This will help with what we’ve been talking about above. Mercury represents the mind. The planetoid Chiron signifies the wounded healer. Together, in spiritual Pisces, this will bring conscious awareness to your wounds as a means to heal. While this may seem at first like regression because it makes your wounds more apparent, it is an opportunity to really see what holds you back, release the past, and overcome your patterns of self-sabotage.


On Wednesday, March 25th, the Sun trine Saturn amplifies self-discipline and work ethic. As well as being a good day for putting your nose to the grindstone, this is also a good time to consider the structures you have put in place, get organized, and plan for the future. The work you do now is likely to pay off down the road.


March 27th is the first quarter moon in emotional Cancer. There may be a (minor) crisis as we consider how to take action on something that has been brewing inside. There may be a conflict between your will and emotion, which may be irritating, but trust that whatever arises is bringing hidden tension to awareness for you to work with.


On Saturday, March 28th Venus in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter (especially in kingly Leo) expands and amplifies everything it touches. We already discussed how Venus in Taurus loves sensual pleasure, so this is a time for enjoyment. Be careful not to overindulge! Overspending is a risk on this day. Exercise some restraint, but do have fun.  


Remember, you may not feel these aspects exactly on the day they happen. These are energies to work with now and in the coming week. Remember, too, that all these energies are interacting with your own natal chart (where the planets were at your birth). We are all different, so will experience these transits differently. For a better sense of how you will experience the current astrology, you may want to look at your natal chart--or, better yet, have an astrologer look at it with you.