About Readings

I see astrology as a tool for healing and transformation. My intention is to help you understand the experiences you are living through in the context of your soul’s journey and deepest intentions for this lifetime so that you may better understand yourself and the decisions that would be most in alignment with your soul.

My approach to readings is conversational. We talk about your life, and together work to connect your stories to the symbolism in your chart so you may see the deeper patterns and archetypes at work. I do not offer a full delineation of the birth chart (meaning, we do not go through planet-by-planet what your personality is like—you already know that!). I prefer to work with what is relevant for you at the time of the reading. This approach allows for more depth and offers the possibility of transformation and healing.

Preparing for a Reading

An exact birth time makes for a more precise reading. If you don't know your birth time, but you know what hospital you were born in, you can try contacting them as hospitals often keep such records. If you have no way of obtaining an exact birth time, a reading can still be conducted, however it may be less accurate and less detailed. 

You don't need to prepare in any specific way for a reading, but approach your reading with intention. What do you want to learn or shift or understand? You may wish to bring a journal, and we can record your session if you wish.

Sessions can be conducted in person in Vancouver, BC or online through Zoom. If you have any questions, or if the times offered don't work for you, please contact me through the form below.


Full Astrology Reading

A full reading is 90 minutes in length. The rate includes the time it takes me to prepare your charts in advance. If you want me to prepare charts for more than one person, I ask an additional $40 per additional person.


You may book a follow-up within three months of a full reading. We can continue to address what came up during our initial session, or investigate new areas. Regular follow ups are a great way to stay up to date with your transits—with how the coming astrology will impact you.


Learn astrology through private lessons, and a course of study that works for you.

Party or Event

Host readings or a workshop at your next event or party. Event readings are usually 20-30 minutes each, but could be longer for smaller groups. Please contact me for details. Rates will depend on your location, and the number of readings.

Sliding Scale & Barter

I’m happy to offer a sliding scale or trade for those who need. If you are able to pay full price for your reading, please do, knowing that you are also supporting my ability to offer readings for those with less. If you’d like a reading on a sliding scale or by trade, please email me, and we will arrange something.  


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