About Readings

I see astrology as a tool for healing and transformation. I practice Evolutionary and Psychological astrology with a therapeutic aim. My interest is in helping you better understand yourself and supporting you in making positive changes toward your best life.

Evolutionary astrology is a window into the deeper desires and intentions of the soul, and the soul’s trajectory over time. This offers a deep understanding of the psyche, and from this context, questions about everyday life can be answered in a way that is in alignment with the soul, and the soul’s journey.

My approach to readings is conversational. I don’t believe in imposing interpretations onto people—because astrology is just that—interpretation. Astrology is able to predict the symbolic potential, or archetypes, or energetics of a given time period; but not the specific ways in which those manifest.

We always have choice. YOU get to decide how to use the astrological energy you are offered. My job is to help you understand the different potentials and possibilities, so that you can see more clearly and understand yourself more fully and make decisions with more information.

In a reading, we talk about your life. We connect your stories to the symbolism in your chart so you may see the deeper patterns and archetypes underlying your everyday. Insight and wisdom and guidance may flow through. With the map of astrology, my intention is to guide you toward you soul’s growth and evolution, and to help you understand the deeper meaning and symbolism guiding the currents of your life.

Readings centre on what is going on for you in your life, what you’d like to understand, what questions you have. I don’t offer reading that delineate the full birth chart-because the birth chart is SO complex and can offer insight into every element of life. To me it makes more sense to address the aspects of your astrology that are relevant to you right now.

Often, people leave readings feeling validated in who they are, more confident in their direction, and with a greater understanding of themselves. I can help you find purpose and meaning in your life, and to frame your life in a way that gives you a clear sense of how to move forward.

Astrology can help us feel we belong in this world, that life is magical, and meaningful, and that there is divine order. And that can be deeply healing.

Astrology is much more effective if we use it on an ongoing basis to create positive shifts in our being and lives. I offer follow-up support for those who wish to keep working with what arose during the reading. If you wish to continue to work together, I recommend weekly or monthly sessions.

Preparing for a Reading

An exact birth time makes for a more precise reading. If you don't know your birth time, but you know what hospital you were born in, you can try contacting them as hospitals often keep such records. If you have no way of obtaining an exact birth time, a reading can still be conducted, however it may be less accurate and less detailed. 

You don't need to prepare in any specific way for a reading, but approach your reading with intention. Maybe your intention is to connect with your Self, or receive insight, or understand a pattern, or .... Bring a journal and pen to your reading, and feel free to record our session (if we meet online, I will record our session and send you the recording). 

If you like, we can focus on a particular story or issue you are facing. When you book your reading, let me know what you’d like to look at. You may also leave it up to spontaneity and see what arises in the session. 

Sessions can be conducted in person in Vancouver, BC (I also travel regularly to Ottawa, Ontario) or online through Zoom. If you have any questions, or if the times offered don't work for you, please contact me through the form below.


Readings are 90 minutes in length. Please give yourself 2 hours, so we have a little room before and after, and aren’t rushed. The rate includes the time it takes me to prepare your charts in advance.


A reading is just the beginning. Book follow-up sessions to continue working with what is revealed in your reading.


Learn astrology through private lessons, and a course of study that works for you.

Party or Event

Host readings or a workshop at your next event or party. Event readings are usually 20-30 minutes each, but could be longer for smaller groups. Please contact me for details. Rates will depend on your location, and the number of readings.

Sliding Scale & Barter

I’m happy to offer a sliding scale or trade for those who need. If you are able to pay full price for your reading, please do, knowing that you are also supporting my ability to offer readings for those with less. If you’d like a reading on a sliding scale or by trade, please email me, and we will arrange something.  


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