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Astrotherapy: A Group Process to Explore Your Inner Cosmology

Join Andi and Serenne for a unique 8-week series that combines their respective fields of astrology and psychotherapy. Participants will explore their inner cosmology through embodiment and group process. The series will build progressively to offer a deepening understanding of astrology, psychology, and inner experience.

As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about your astrology chart, including your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, and more

  • Understand how the current astrological weather impacts you, given your unique astrology

  • Explore and care for the various parts of yourself through the dual lens of astrology and psychotherapy

  • Learn to use “parts work”, a therapeutic process that can resolve inner conflicts, unlock creativity, and facilitate personal evolution

This series promises to be transformative, experiential, and fun! Come explore new possibilities in your inner and outer worlds in a safe and healing space. Open to anyone, no knowledge of astrology is required.

Thursdays from February 7th--March 28th, 2019


Mount Pleasant (exact location TBD)

$360 before January 1st

$390 after Jan 1st

$420 after Feb 1st

Contact Andi at or Serenne at for more details.