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Astrology 101


Learn astrology by studying your own chart and the charts of your friends and family. This course will give you the tools you need to interpret natal charts as well as transits (how the current astrology affects individuals). No experience is necessary.

Each class will consist of an informal lesson, exercises, group discussion, and Q & A. I'll offer optional reading assignments and exercises for those who wish to delve deeper. We'll cover the planets, the signs, the houses, aspects, and transits--everything you need to know to start doing astrology.

If cost is a barrier, please contact me and we can arrange a sliding scale, trade, or payment plan.

My classes are trans and queer inclusive and trauma sensitive.

Location TBD (East Vancouver)

Tuesday evenings 6pm-8pm

October 1st-December 17th (12 sessions)

To register, email Andi: or write me here

$80 up-front to register, remainder due on the first day of the course