Destabilizing the Patriarchy, Power Struggles, Processing Trauma, and Death as Transition: You Guessed it, it's a Scorpio New Moon

The New Moon in Scorpio (26 degrees) at 3:42am on Saturday November 18th punctuates the end of Scorpio season with a little extra. Scorpio’s ultimate goal is transformation, hence Scorpio’s reputation for intensity and depth--Scorpio dives deep in its passionate desire to transmute compulsions, neuroses, tendencies toward control or manipulation. But before changing these tendencies, we must face them. The danger when it comes to Scorpio energy is becoming ensnared in the thicket that is only the pathway to renewal. To become beguiled by intricate intimate entanglements, bewitched by charisma, magnetism, manipulation, deceit, and melodrama. A Scorpio probably invented the saying, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

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