The Final Slough: Full Moon in Aries


The Full Moon in Aries is exact at 2 degrees of Aries on Monday September 24th at 7:53pm PST. The scales tilt now toward winter, the nights grow longer than the days. As the darkness deepens, our attention inclines toward inner contemplation more than external expression. There is much on the table as we process the summer’s harvest and prepare for the winter ahead; as we take stock of what we’ve reaped, and compost the waste and chaff.

This is a busy Moon, with many close aspects. The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron in Aries, and opposite the Sun and Mercury in Libra. All those are square to Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn. The Moon’s ruler, Mars, is conjunct the South Node in Aquarius for a third pass, and trine the Sun and Mercury, and sextile the Moon and Chiron.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra, the conscious mind is on other people and other people’s needs. Opposite that, the Moon in Aries suggests that beneath that conscious focus, our emotional nature is tethered to ourselves and our own needs, even more so now than normal. Knowing this is a huge advantage as with this awareness, we can better work to balance (Libra) our own needs with those of others’.

The moon signifies our emotional and reactional nature, as structured in early childhood. The Moon is conjunct to Chiron, the wounded healer, which signifies our wounds--in this case, wounds from childhood--as well as our potential for healing those wounds and perhaps sharing that hard-earned wisdom with others. The wounded who heals becomes the healer--not by preaching or controlling, but simply by their presence.

So if you notice yourself reacting with a little more vigour, consider how your reactions were shaped by your early life. This kind of self awareness can go a long way toward easing the tension that can arise when people are a little more reactive than normal. In fact, with awareness, reactivity and defensiveness can become catalysts for self-knowledge and transformation.

One of the pitfalls of Libra is attending too much to other people, at the expense of considering ourselves. So this Aries Moon is an opportunity to seek the balance between self and other. Both are important. We want to balance the scales, so as to acknowledge all the sides of situation, to take into account all perspectives, and seek ways to honour everyone’s needs. Negotiation, within ourselves, as well as between each other, may be in order to find balance and compromise.

Do make sure that you attend to yourself and your needs. Only then can you be there for others. What do you need. Right now? Sometimes we deny ourselves simple things, like rest, or water, or movement, or connection. Taking care of ourselves is essential at this time. When we do so, it becomes much easier to balance our own needs with those of others.

With the Full Moon square to Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn, an element of discipline and focus is brought to bear. Our responsibilities and commitments tug at the cords of relationship. There may be some tension, we may have lessons to learn. But there is also a beautiful opportunity for creative, stable, sustainable solutions. Saturn with Vesta in Capricorn could be seen as a disciplined tending to the hearth flame: the warmth and wisdom required to take care of ourselves and ours, to tend to our responsibilities, to nourish the structures of life, so that we may provide sustenance.

Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon, and is very close to its third conjunction with the South Node (exact Sept 25th). The first pass was June 8th, the second pass, when Mars was retrograde, was July 20th. This suggests a final reckoning with the Mars retrograde themes we worked with over the summer: how we use or misuse our energy, will, physicality, sexuality, anger, aggression. (For more specificity, you might take a look at what I wrote about Mars for your sign in my horoscopes throughout the summer.)

The South node is a point of release, weakening, or lessening, and is associated with the past, and where we’ve come from. It is the snake shedding its skin, releasing what it has outgrown so it may move more freely toward its future. This is an opportunity to release and let go, perhaps more fully than we were able to in the summer.

While Mars conjunct the South Node may be intense, it makes harmonious aspects to the Full Moon, suggesting support in making change. As Mars signifies our physical embodiment, movement is a potent tool of transformation at this time. In particular, try moving differently. Take a different route to work, for example. Or, even if you have a regular embodiment practice such as yoga, explore some movements that are new to you. Practicing moving differently in such a literal way can help us to move differently in the broader strokes of our lives.

We may feel pulled in three directions: self, other, and our obligations and responsibilities. Creatively tending to and integrating all three is the secret to mastering this moment. This Full Moon may surface some tension, but there is enormous potential here for overcoming harmful habits and patterns, for moving in a different way, for choosing something new, and in so doing, healing.