I Am Because You Are: Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra is on Saturday March 30th at 5:37am PST (11 degrees Libra). With the Sun in Aries, and the Moon in Libra, this Full Moon activates the self-other polarity, reminding us that there would be no self without others, no others without the self: the seeming opposites of any polarity are necessarily formative of each other. We literally are who we are because of the people in our lives. There is a need at this time to balance one’s own needs with the needs of others. It takes courage and honesty to know when we are focusing too much on the self and neglecting those in our lives, or if we are so invested in others that we’ve lost ourselves in them. There is an opportunity now to right the balance.

Libra also tempers the Aries gung-ho, go-getter, impulsive rush forward. While this influx of energy is helpful, and a signature of spring, it’s best to consider what it is we’re getting into, and if we have the energy to sustain it to its end. (Besides, Mercury is in retrograde until mid-April, so the second half of April is more opportune for beginnings anyway). Aries at times has a tendency to excitedly begin many projects without the ability to complete them. On the other hand, Libra is so good at deliberating, and weighing all sides of a situation that it can become indecisive and paralyzed.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury, bringing this energy into conscious awareness and urging us to communicate. The Sun and Moon are both square to Mars and Saturn (forming a T-Square), which may spell tension unless there is an outlet for release. With Mars and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn, there may be a blockage to the will, to the physical body, or to sexual expression. There may be fear or hesitation.

None of these, of course, are necessarily bad. Fear is useful in the right context. Hesitation can allow us to assess a situation before diving in. Blockages can teach us to slow down, have patience, and to respect divine timing. Instead of allowing Mars-Saturn to spill over into anxiety, worry, depression, or frustration, we can channel the energy into a disciplined, long-term approach to a situation, to dedicate or commit ourselves to something or someone, or to work steadfastly toward our goals.

Mercury encourages us to talk about our fears, concerns, and questions, to communicate what we’re going through. Communication also honours the Aries-Libra polarity by bringing self and other into conversation. Dialogue is always an exploration, a revealing of one’s own personal truth. Once we step into “I am right” territory, we know we’ve lost the self-other balance. There is no right. There is only what is true for me, what is true for you, and how we can work together to meet everyone's needs. 

The ruler of the Full Moon is Venus, which just shifted into its home, Taurus. This is wonderful news. Venus loves being in Taurus. This is grounding, beautiful, sensual. Venus in Taurus loves nature, comfort, cuddles, flowers, good food, touch, textures, beautiful surroundings. As the ruler of the lunation, this energy soothes the intensity of the Mars-Saturn T-Square. Look to nature and sensuality to calm the energy this weekend.

There is also help in the form of a trine from the Sun to the North Node in Leo, meaning if we keep our sights on where we are headed, on how we are evolving, on the future, then we can channel this energy toward productive ends. The North Node in Leo wishes to remind us all to keep a sense of humour and lightness, even when there is difficulty. Leo is playful, joyful, creative, and expressive. Leo, at its best, is a sort of cosmic clown, aware that existence is divine play, the ultimate artwork, in perfect harmony and order, and all for the sake of love.

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