Love is the Way: Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo + By-Donation Astrology Circle!

***Vancouver! I’ll be hosting a by-donation astrology circle every Sunday (starting Feb 4th) at Unity Yoga Teahouse from 1:30-2:30pm. We’ll discuss the weekly transits, you can ask questions, we can share stories. No need to register in advance, just show up on Sunday! I also have some intro to astrology workshops coming up! Check out upcoming events here.***

Eclipse season is here! The first of two winter eclipses is a total lunar eclipse, happening January 31st at 12 degrees Leo, exact at 5:26am PST. This eclipse brings a rush of Leo energy to the fore. Leo is about creativity, play, joy, expression, passion, fun, pleasure, romance, love.

But eclipses block out the light, suggesting there is something we aren’t seeing clearly. With Leo, it’s bound to be our ego. The challenge with Leo energy is how to be the centre of attention without letting it go to our head. How to discover our own unique mode of expression, without getting too caught up in the self. How to enjoy pleasure without overindulging.

Leo’s challenge is to see the ego. To notice that part of us that sees itself as separate from others, that is pleasure-seeking (as opposed to pleasure-enjoying), that thinks it’s all that, that is blind to others’ feelings and needs and perspectives--that part of us that ultimately gets in our own way, that blocks the natural unfoldment of the soul, that chokes the creative flow.

The remedy is found at the source of the light, with the Sun in Aquarius. Integrating the creativity and heart-centeredness of Leo with Aquarius’ gift for detachment and objectivity leads to a beautiful melding of mind and heart. Perhaps the best tool for this is meditation--which allows us to stand back from the mind and observe it, to practice Aquarian detachment, to learn how to respond with awareness rather than react. With Leo’s focus on the self and creative expression merged with Aquarius’ desire to help humanity, we’re encouraged to seek our own natural means of creatively contributing to the collective.

The Sun is very close to Venus at the time of the eclipse, making who and what we value an essential piece of the puzzle. Aquarius is future-thinking and innovative, and is associated with rebellion and revolution. And with this influx of Leo energy, the question is can we work toward a better world from a place of love and joy? How can we protect and foster what and who we hold dear? Leo says, the ends ARE the means--to create a loving world requires creating from a place of love.

Western society values the mind almost to the exclusion of the heart. We are rewarded for thinking logically, learning from books, constructing arguments, working hard. The education system and then employment is almost entirely based on mind. On an energetic level, most people live in their heads. This is another big area of blindness when it comes to Leo energy. It’s so ingrained in us to act from the head, for most of us it take some effort to maintain heart-centeredness. We can start by very simply holding some awareness in the heart centre. And then by accessing joy, playfulness, love, and carrying those energies into our lives.

This eclipse is a continuation of a story that started last winter, hit a high point last summer, and is culminating or closing now. As eclipses are the most potent astrological events, it’s quite likely that it relates to whatever the most significant and emotionally potent shifts were going on in your life during those times. See my horoscopes to learn what areas of life this eclipse likely impacts for you. (If you know your rising sign, read your horoscope for that as well as for your sun sign. You might try your moon sign as well, and see which of those resonates most.)