When You Forgot You Were a Magician: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon at 14 degrees of Pisces at 12:03am PST on Wednesday September 6th is sweet, dreamy, sensitive, mystical, and romantic. Even with this Full Moon in a water sign, we still have lots of fire in the sky. The fire trine between the North Node, Saturn, and Uranus that’s been coming in and out of aspect all summer is still with us, helping us inspire us to work toward long-term, creative, innovative projects. Mercury stations direct on September 5th on the eclipse degree, bringing more pieces of the eclipse story to light, and moving the story forwards.

Venus also is in Leo and forms an inconjunct to the moon. This aspect asks us to make an adjustment in our perception of relationships or finances. How can we shine bright, and ask for the love and attention we need, while also being sensitive and compassionate towards others? How can we value both personal abundance and the good of all?

With the Sun in Virgo across from Pisces, we’re working to reconcile spirituality and everyday life, the big picture and details, forgiveness and critical thought. The highest expression of Pisces is unity consciousness, spiritual experience, witnessing magic in the everyday. There is nothing vague or confused about this state: it incorporates the Virgoan capacity for precision, keen perception, and discernment in a state of mind that is open, loving, and forgiving. It is focused and yet wide, it is specific and yet takes it all in.

Both Virgo and Pisces are compassionate and work to help others. There can be a danger of sacrificing oneself for the sake of others with this combination though. Maintain a healthy sense of self and clear boundaries. Boundaries and open heartedness may seem to conflict, but actually they feed each other: it’s loving of ourselves to respect our own limits. Caring for ourselves is what enables us to care for others. Work with Venus in Leo to foster an appreciation of yourself and your needs and values, in parallel with your sensitivity toward others.

The Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune is about dreams, and the big dreams, the ones that create reality. You have the ability to dream reality into being, and collectively we can do the same on a mass scale. We all are magicians, but many of us have forgotten. And so we use our gifts with confusion. We allow our thoughts and imagination to wander aimlessly and then our directionless thoughts create unclear results. Our vision becomes clouded by fear, by doubt, by the fact that we’ve simply forgotten how important it is to keep our vision clear, for we’ve forgotten that our imagination is what gives rise to reality. Clarify your big dreams. Dissolve the doubt, the noise, the fear, the insecurity that muddies your vision. Remember your inherent gifts and powers. Remember that the future belongs to us.