Mystic Sandwich Does Sagittarius: I'm Off!

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!

Sagittarius loves adventure, travel, exploring new ideas, new ways of life, new cultures. Ultimately Sagittarius is seeking its own Truth, and these are paths to that. So, in Sagittarius style, I’m on an adventure! Right now I’m in Spain, feeling truly blessed. If you like, you can follow my meanderings here.

To make the most of my travels, I’m going to take the next couple weeks off from writing my blog.  However, I am now writing weekly, yes WEEKLY horoscopes for The School of Witchery! You can find out how Friday June 9th’s Full Moon relates to your sign there! Read the horoscope for your rising sign, if you know it, as well as for your sun sign. It’s often at least as applicable.

 Much love and happy Full Moon from glorious Spain,