Merging Theory & Practice: Reflections on Sunday's Full Moon in Gemini

While astrology is most often used to anticipate the future, I find that it’s at least as effective--maybe more effective--when used to understand the past. So, my apologies for not writing my usual Full Moon post--but now we have an opportunity to reflect on the past few days. Astrology as an aid for reflection on what has already occured enables greater depth in the symbolism because we now have actual data, ie our experience, to work with. The value is that we may garner the deeper meaning of what we’ve experienced, that we may come to understand why our lives flow the way they do, that we may come to understand ourselves better.

The Gemini Full Moon last Sunday morning (12 degrees Gemini, at 7:47am PST), with the Sun opposite in Sagittarius, highlighted the polarity between logic and intuition. Gemini governs the mind as we employ it on a day to day basis, as a tool of rationality and communication. Gemini signifies factual knowledge, intellectual exploration and learning, consensus reality, the truth as it is socially negotiated and agreed on. Sagittarius on the other hand governs the mind as it strives for spiritual truth. Sagittarius seeks to expand its understanding of the world through travel and learning. It connects to philosophy, religion, spirituality, intuition, and personal truth. Truth as it is individually known and experienced, Truth that may conflict with consensus knowledge, Truth that at the end of the day, can’t be communicated, it can only be experienced.

The Sun and Moon were exactly square to Neptune at the Full Moon, which offers both a challenge and an opportunity. Neptune in Pisces urges us to seek first hand spiritual experience—unitive consciousness. When we don’t understand its influence, if we don’t have the spiritual tools or knowledge or habits, then we may be inclined to seek these experiences through drugs, alcohol, television, or other means of escape. These are all ways that people may seek to alter their consciousness in mimicry of spiritual transcendence. There may then be a tendency to escape the difficult work of integrating rationality and intuitive thought. Even if we don’t seek escape, the Neptune influence may be experienced as confusion; the upside is that our ordinary linear thought may be confused in order to inspire a different kind of thinking. The opportunity is to unlock Neptune’s potential for transcendence through spiritual practice and philosophy. To experience reality--what is--first hand so that truth is experienced rather than learned. From such experiential truth, the Sagittarian mind receives its wisdom, and the Gemini mind learns its limits.

To receive another layer of meaning from the symbolism of the Full Moon, personal to your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign, find out what astrological house the Full Moon fell in for you. Not sure how to do that? Sign up for my online course here, I walk you through all the steps.

How did these themes show up for you last weekend? Did you feel some tension or integration between your rational self and your intuitive self, between book learning and experiential learning? Are you able to engage in both these ways of thinking? Is there space in your mind for multiple (perhaps seemingly contradictory) ways of knowing? If you have a story relating to the symbolism of this lunation, I would love to hear it! Please send me an email or leave a note on instagram or facebook. We can deepen our understanding of astrology by sharing our stories of how the symbolism manifested in our lives.

In Vancouver, the Full Moon coincided with sunrise--so just as the sun was reaching above the eastern horizon, the moon was sinking beneath the western horizon. I am so humbled by the magical moment I was part of. It was the final day of a seven day very intense yoga training. Right as the Sun and Moon were balanced on opposite horizons, me and twenty other beautiful souls were deep in practice, moving and flowing together, in the growing light, in the heart of East Vancouver. We’d spent the week practicing together, learning anatomy, talking yoga philosophy, advancing our knowledge of teaching, deepening our understanding of yoga. If that is not the perfect example of integrating the rational (Gemini) and the philosophical (Sagittarius) mind, with the help of spiritual experience (Neptune), I don’t know what is.

There is lots of other astrological activity happening. First of all, we are now in the throws of Mercury Retrograde (I wrote about it here), and Saturn is about to shift out of Sagittarius where it’s been parked for nearly three years. I wrote horoscopes about what these two events mean for each sign. Find them here. Also, by the way, Saturn shifting into Capricorn on December 19th initiates the Saturn Return period for those people born between February 13th 1988--February 6th 1991, and ENDS the Saturn Return for those born between November 16th 1985--February 13th 1988. I'm considering writing more about this, if there's enough interest. So if you're interested, let me know! 

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