Come Back To Earth Dear Earthlings. Full Moon in Taurus

A Full Moon in Taurus brings us to our senses. If we’ve managed to successfully avoid ourselves--our pain, our ecstasy--our willful ignorance is likely coming to an end. Taurus is all about the body. The present. The real. Taurus is infinitely patient, yet has little patience for theoretical abstraction. Taurus knows that the mind can contort itself to convince us that up is down. Taurus brings us down to Earth. And back to reality.

The Full Moon is exact at 10:23pm PST at 12 degrees of Taurus. 

With the Sun in Scorpio, we are also brought deep into our emotions. Not just the passing feelings of the day, but emotions that we may have hidden in our bones for years, the pain we had to stuff down out of sight in order continue on. The anger, the shame, the regret, the grief. The stuff that has accumulated, that we just can’t face while we’re doing the dishes and going to work and being a friend/mother/brother/etc.

Well, you may just find yourself facing that stuff now. I know it’s hard. Oof. Believe me. But yet it’s an incredible opportunity for finally facing it, moving through it, feeling it. And then, forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and letting go. Scorpio is all about transformation and healing through facing what was repressed.

And then we have Taurus there to ground us to Earth, to soothe us with comfort food & pjs, calm us with touch and sensuality and presence, and ease our pain with beauty. Nature is medicine. Smell the rotting leaves, honour the sky, nod to the trees. The Sun in Taurus trines Neptune in Pisces, offering transcendence, ecstasy, union. Offering poetry and deep symbolism. See how your life is a work of art? See how everything is embedded with meaning? See how all unfolds in divine timing like the most complex orchestra?

The ruler of this Taurean Moon is Venus in Libra, exactly opposite Uranus in Aries. Venus opposite Uranus suggests surprise. Sudden shifts, changes of directions, sudden endings, sudden beginnings, chance encounters, breakdowns, breakthroughs. Some kind of shakeup on the relationship front is going down, whether this shows up internally as insight and understanding, or as an external shift in relationship dynamics.

While the surprise is likely to be sudden, it’s effects may be long lasting and stabilizing, thanks to a harmonizing trine between Uranus and Saturn. Change certainly doesn’t need to be negative or disruptive. Venus loves being in Libra, and The Moon loves being in Taurus. And with two important trines (Sun trine Neptune, Uranus trine Saturn) in the mix, these are auspicious placements that are likely to bring about changes that are positive and supportive.

A Full Moon always shines a light on some specific area of our lives. Find out where this Full Moon lands in your birth chart to gain greater insight into what this Full Moon means for you.