Destabilizing the Patriarchy, Power Struggles, Processing Trauma, and Death as Transition: You Guessed it, it's a Scorpio New Moon

The New Moon in Scorpio (26 degrees) at 3:42am on Saturday November 18th punctuates the end of Scorpio season with a little extra. Scorpio’s ultimate goal is transformation, hence its reputation for intensity and depth--Scorpio dives deep in its passionate desire to transmute compulsions, neuroses, tendencies toward control or manipulation. But before changing these tendencies, we must face them. The danger when it comes to Scorpio energy is becoming ensnared in the thicket that is only the pathway to renewal. To become beguiled by intricate intimate entanglements, bewitched by charisma, magnetism, manipulation, deceit, and melodrama. A Scorpio probably invented the saying, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

This danger is particularly potent now and over the next few days, as both of Scorpio’s rulers, Mars and Pluto are approaching a square aspect (it will be exact on November 19th). Square aspects signify tension--two energies at odds. Mars relates to our will, our drive, our ability to assert ourselves, and Pluto relates to power, transformation, and the deep unconscious. Together, there is the potential for power struggles, controlling behaviour, manipulation, angry outbursts. By being aware of these potentialities however, we are at an advantage as we are more likely to notice such urges rising within us. Awareness lends freedom: when we are aware of such tendencies we can respond to them consciously rather than react blindly. Having a heads up that others may be more reactive in these ways also gives us the option to be a little more patient and understanding.

Transits don’t make us do anything. They correspond to tendencies that already exist within us, and indicate when those tendencies are more likely to be triggered. The gift of difficult transits like this is that we can learn a great deal about ourselves and others that we may otherwise choose to deny or ignore. We can see more clearly where we have work to do and may be given opportunities to actually do the work: to respond differently, to evolve right there and then.

That said no transit or planet or sign is ever necessarily GOOD or BAD. We always have the option to manifest the energies in more or less positive ways. Some fruitful uses of Mars square Pluto could be taking action (Mars) toward transformation (Pluto), whether individually or collectively; transformative sexuality; magnetic attraction; powerful physical activity; direct action toward social justice; transformation through physical practice such as yoga or massage. The more we can channel the energy toward such positive outlets, the less likely we are to experience the negative manifestations. So, get physical, move some energy, go deep. In short, use your power consciously and wisely, and this New Moon will be infinitely more fun.

On the world stage, Pluto in Capricorn, transforming our societal structures (2008-2023), triggered by Mars, the God of War, in Libra, the sign of society, equality, and justice has the potential to shake things up. Used consciously, this could challenge the violent and oppressive structures of patriarchy, capitalism, the status quo. Or perhaps we will simply be witnessing the oppressive structures self-destruct of their own internal contradictions and corruption. One of the teachings of Scorpio is that death is never the end, it is a transformation into a new state. If there appears to be death and destruction all around, consider that we are transitioning toward something new.

Scorpio also rules our use of energy. This is an opportunity to consider where our energy is best directed for our purposes. To what extent are our energies needed in order to destabilize the old structures. When and where are our voices and actions needed? When is silence or stepping back more effective? To what extent are we served by attending to problems with the current systems. To what extent ought we direct our energies to building something new? I don’t have answers to these questions, because I don’t think the answers are simple, and I don’t think there’s one answer that’s appropriate for everyone. It depends on the context, on the person, on the timing.

Mastering the use of our own energy gives us power. The power to create and effect change and to be free. When we understand the ways in which some behaviours or assumptions or relationships just sap our energy and leave us drained, we can choose not to invest in those. We can choose to direct our precious energy toward that which will nourish and support us and bring us more energy in the end. With Mercury approaching its retrograde through Sagittarius, consider also which beliefs, assumptions, and thought processes are energizing, and which leach your energy.

Jupiter in Scorpio (October 10th 2017-November 8th 2018) expands all Scorpio themes, so while the sun’s transit through Scorpio is nearing an end, we’re working with Scorpio for the whole next year! Scorpio is associated with secrets and sexuality, and the Harvey Weinstein story broke right around the time that Jupiter entered Scorpio back in October. This was followed of course by the #metoo campaign and ongoing public discussion of sexual harassment, violence, and misogyny. This next year we can expect more public discussion and revealing of what has in the past been hidden or beneath the surface. Bringing stories of oppression and violence to light is necessary and healing. There is an enormous amount of deep trauma being processed right now both publicly and privately. It is beautiful, fierce, healing, and hopeful. While perhaps things appear bleak in the world, there is so much promise in the flushing out of the corruption, greed, oppression, and trauma that has been until now festering in the deep.

Another way we might harness Jupiter in Scorpio is to grapple with our own privilege to the extent that we have it. One of the ways we can work toward social justice is to look within. To seek to understand the ways in which we benefit from privilege. To seek to understand the ways in which power operates. To seek to understand how we may participate in racism, sexism, classism, heteronormativity perhaps without realizing it. To observe our own reactions to discussions of oppression and privilege, to notice when we are uncomfortable or defensive and how that may incline us to turn away and avoid the important work. To listen to the voices of those who are different from us. To consider what we can do to make use of the privilege we’ve been given to create a more just and beautiful world.

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