Fierce Harmony: Aries Full Moon

The Aries Full Moon (13 degrees Aries) falls on Thursday October 5th at 11:40am PST. With the Sun and Mercury in Libra, this lunation in Aries charges the polarity point, bringing balance. Libra’s focus is on the other, Aries’ focus is on the self--neither is complete. Together, they represent relationship, the self-other dynamic, balancing the needs and desires of the other with the needs and desires of the self. This polarity also reminds us that we understand the self through the other, and we understand the other through the self.

Libra prioritizes harmonious interaction, shying away from ruffling any feathers. Sometimes the desire for harmony trumps honest communication, and while relations may appear smooth on the surface, neglected differences and issues may lurk beneath. Aries on the other hand is direct and honest, but sometimes goes too far and can become kurt, confrontational, or aggressive. Integrating Aries and Libra enables open and honest communication that is also gentle and harmonious.

It’s significant, rare, and auspicious that on the very same day as the Full Moon, the Full Moon’s rulers, Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct in Virgo. This doubles the impetus to integrate Aries and Libra (Mars and Venus) energies. The potential is to merge our will and drive, our ability to go out and get what we want, with our desires, our values, our sense of harmony and relationship. But in the process of merging these energies, any differences between them are likely to be revealed, showing tensions and conflicting desires within ourselves.

There’s a beautiful possibility for healing relationships at this time, for revelations around self-sufficiency and vulnerability. Most relationships involve some degree of co-dependency, of spiritual dependence on others, for validation, self-worth, and identity. Self-sufficiency and overcoming codependence does not mean not depending on others. We need each other. It’s healthy to to ask for help when we need it, and to depend on others when we need it. It’s healthy to reveal our vulnerability to others, to open to others, to trust and build intimacy.

But we would be happier if we could accept such help and connection without the energetic cords of attachment that keep us spiritually bound to the opinions and actions of others. Is it possible to find wholeness within ourselves, to find a deep and meaningful connection to Self (Aries), and then to open to relationship from that place (Libra), rather than seeking relationship as a means of filling our sense of lack, of making up for the emptiness within us, of attempting to take from others what we can only ever give to ourselves?

With Mars and Venus meeting up in health-centred Virgo, and with the Sun inconjunct to Neptune, there’s a push to cut out dependencies, overcome addictions, adopt healthier habits and routines. Not because we ought to, not because there is anything wrong with how we are. It’s just that we’re likelier to WANT to be healthier, and it’s easier to make such changes at this time. With Saturn and Mars in the mix, we are likely to see various endings. The energy of endings can be put to the service of releasing habits and relationships (or relationship dynamics) that no longer serve to help us, that we hold onto only out of habit.

With Venus and Mars in a T-Square with Saturn and Chiron, and the Full Moon in a T-Square with Pluto, we may receive insight into the reasons behind our addictions and dependencies. It’s a trap to think we’re at fault, that it’s all on us, that we’ve failed if we rely on various coping mechanisms. We adopt what we might deem bad habits, because we’ve struggled, we’ve been wounded, we’ve been oppressed. Pluto in Capricorn speaks to Patriarchal control, the oppressive structures of the state, and in aspect to Chiron and Venus-Mars, we can see more clearly how our individual struggles stem directly from our embeddedness in a sick society.

That said, holding onto a victim mentality is hardly empowering. With Mars and Aries activated, we’re offered the energy of the spiritual warrior, the powerful and empowered soul who rises again and fights for herself and her people. See your dependencies, thank them for the ways they’ve helped you cope and adapt in difficult situations, and offer them to the moon, to the earth, to the sky, ask for them to be released. Cut the cords that keep you bound.