You Are More Powerful Than You Know: Full Moon in Gemini

Tuesday (December 13th)’s full moon in Gemini challenges us to find a place for reason and evidence, and at the same time to acknowledge intuition and personal truth. Every full moon is an opportunity to expand the mind: to encompass and integrate two extremes that may appear to be opposed.

The polarity at this full moon is between Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini loves information, and data of all kinds. It wants to learn this, then that, go here, then there. Gemini is curious, quick, and never done learning. Highly social, and communicative, Gemini often has many friends and can be the life of the party. 

With Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, approaching retrograde, its curiosity turns within--to contemplate, reminiscence, and refine. Until mid-January, Mercury retraces its steps back through Capricorn, which signifies our own unique public role: what we each, individually, have to offer the collective. It’s time for considering what that is.

Sagittarius is less concerned with the details, and more interested in the big-picture. Its focus is on worldview, and philosophy--how all the little bits of data can be organized. Information can be overwhelming and even useless without some system for making sense of it. Sagittarius is also a master of intuition, of feeling into its own sense of truth.

Sag’s ruler is Jupiter. This month, Jupiter opposes Uranus, planet of nonlinear change, innovation, and freedom. Jupiter emphasizes the effects of Uranus, so prepare for major change! Jupiter also ties together the waning square between Uranus and Pluto, which has been in effect since about 2010. Together, these planets signify revolution.

Uranus-Pluto last joined up in the mid sixties. So, think of this last 6 years as the first quarter of a cycle that began in the sixties. The opposition (mid way point in the cycle) occurs in the mid 2040s--we can expect to see then, the full fruits of our labours now. The cycle completes in 2104.

Revolution means significant change--for good or for bad. Whether or not the change is beneficial to the majority of humans all depends on our thoughts and actions now. This time--especially the next few months, and also the next few years, is extremely important for the future course of humanity. Change is coming, but what will it look like? That depends on us.

This month, we also have a trine building between Saturn and Uranus. This energy will last for most of the next year. This brings together the planet of revolutionary change (Uranus), with the planet of tradition, structure, and stability (Saturn), in a harmonious flow. This aspect can help us to make grounded, practical, and long-lasting changes.

For many years, people have been speaking about how if we want to survive, if we want our future to be positive, we need to change just about every aspect of society. Well, the time for talk is over. It’s time now to take action (well almost--it’s time for planning the actions we will take in January!).

There’s an idea that’s prevalent among some spiritual communities, that engaging in political action is not effective; that the best thing we can do is to avoid the news, stay positive, meditate. From my perspective this is an irresponsible, and dangerous notion. It reminds me of this Martin Luther King quote: “the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition [is] not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”.

There is some truth in this mindset, which is that acting out of fear and anger only inspires more hatred and polarization. If we resist what is, rather than acting for the sake of positive change, we’ll only add fuel to the fire. Plus, staying informed is one thing, but news can become a distraction, or even an addiction. News can fuel fear, and can actually function to keep us from taking actionThe challenge for us in this moment, I believe, is to act from love, but to act nonetheless. Love is incredibly powerful. So much more powerful than fear and hate.

There is no single solution (and no single problem). We each have unique gifts to bring to bear at this moment in history. This is an opportunity to harness Sagittarius’ gift for intuition, to connect to our own sense of purpose, our own unique role in this momentous change that we are bringing forth.

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