Standstill: Astrology for June 8-15 2015

Early in the week, from Monday to Wednesday, we have a series of sextiles, which bring opportunity. To take advantage of sextiles requires awareness and action--their manifestation is not a given. Monday evening (June 8th), the Sun sextiles Jupiter and Mars sextiles Uranus. Wednesday, June 10th, Mercury sextiles Venus and the Sun sextiles Uranus. The Sun-Jupiter contact is conducive to faith, optimism, and expansion. Mars-Uranus can bring curiosity, newness--perhaps a change in routine, or an exciting diversion. Sun-Uranus continues this theme, bringing surprise, insight, innovation, something different. Mercury-Venus brings our consciousness to beauty, wealth, and relationship. All in all this is a recipe for opportunity and creativity. Keep your eyes open to possibility, be ready for gifts coming your way--perhaps in the form of ideas. Apply your creativity creatively, in all aspects of life.

The last quarter moon is June 9th. This is the period in the lunar month, in which we are meant to release, in preparation for the new moon on June 16th. When you meditate, try to notice any outstanding issues--like looking at your mental desktop to see what hasn’t yet been resolved. You may need to take some action, like confronting someone, or it may be internal work that is called for: forgiving yourself or others, accepting what is, letting go of something that bothers you.

Mercury goes direct on Thursday, June 11th. The days before and after a planet changes direction can be intense, as the planet slows down, comes to a standstill, turns around, then slowly gains momentum in the other direction. So for a couple days before and after Thursday the 11th, pay special attention to your communication. If possible, wait until next week to move forward with everything from new projects and launches to contracts, major purchases, and so on.

From Antony Gormley's Blind Light

From Antony Gormley's Blind Light


At the same time as Mercury comes to a standstill, Neptune slows down to go retrograde. To add to this, both Mercury and Neptune are coming into a square aspect. With both planets stationary, this aspect is accentuated. This is the climax in a series of squares to Neptune, which are asking us to consider the distinction between reality and fantasy. As we saw last week, that distinction is not as straightforward as it may seem. There may be some confusion or illusion. We may not have all the information. This is not a good time to make major decisions. Double check all your communications (for example, did you accidentally forget to send that email?). Be especially aware of jumping to conclusions or making assumptions: you probably don’t know the whole story just yet.

From Friday, June 12th to Sunday, June 14th, Mars conjuncts the Sun--this inaugurates a new, two-year cycle for Mars--and both Mars and the Sun square Chiron, the wounded healer. This may bring our woundedness into focus, and we may feel extra vulnerable, or conscious of our insecurities and hurts. With Mars involved, there may be issues around assertiveness, aggression, desire, sexuality. Use this as an opportunity for healing and self love. Learning to love ourselves is one of the most powerful, transformative things we can do. Love doesn’t wait until we figure our shit out, or until we are just little more perfect: love means loving yourself as you are, imperfections and all. As we are nearing the end of the lunar cycle, the most important work we can do now is to release self-doubt, let go of guilt and judgment, drop impossible standards we set for ourselves. Practice allowing, accepting, being.