Reality is a Dream--Dream Big, Dear Soul

Tuesday, June 2nd there is a full moon in Sagittarius. This is an intense full moon with many hard angles: the sun is loosely conjunct both Mercury and Mars, all square Neptune and opposite the moon conjunct Saturn. The moon in Sagittarius wants us to see the big picture: What are we living for? Where do we see ourselves in the long term? We are meant to dream big, but with Saturn conjunct the moon, there is no escaping the details, hard work, and responsibilities that will be needed in order to fulfill that big dream. There may be some tension and confusion with the square to Neptune. So, even while dreaming big, we need to keep our feet on the ground and discern fantasy from reality.

Michael Karcz

Michael Karcz


It’s likely this full moon will bring to light doubt, confusion, self-deception, limiting beliefs, and negative self talk. All of these interfere with our ability to achieve our big dreams. It’s not that the doubt is increasing, it’s just more noticeable now, and that’s a good thing: we can see it so we can see how defeating it is and stop believing it. When we stop believing the negative thoughts, they wane. Beware of delusions of grandeur--half conscious thoughts that you are better or more worthy than anyone else, or the opposite: thinking you are lesser. (You may have noticed this process already underway this past weekend, in the approach to the full moon on Tuesday.)


Saturn in Sagittarius is not exactly square to Neptune in Pisces, but because this aspect is so closely aligned with the full moon, it’s quite significant. Saturn is reality and Neptune is dream. Saturn in Sagittarius want us to get at the deeper truth--what is reality, really? And Neptune in Pisces is about collective illusion, our interconnectedness, and a dream that serves all. The square aspect brings into focus the confusion between dream and reality.


Discerning dream from reality is more difficult that we usually acknowledge in the mundane, day-to-day world. What we call reality is really a collective illusion (maya). We have this picture of reality that is so commonplace we don’t even see that it’s a picture; we see it as the world; the way things are; cold, hard fact. But this picture is the illusion. The Real is not subject to language; we can never represent what is really real (this is what Zen points to; this is what Lacan points to). We need language, but when we depend on it to the point that we forget we are representing something beyond language, then we mistake our depictions for what we are depicting.


On the flip side, what we call the dream is more real than we normally acknowledge. The dream is not real per se, because we can never represent what’s really real. But, when we believe in the dream, as a dream, it guides us in that direction. For most of us, so much more is possible than we normally allow for ourselves. We are so under the influence of  “reality” that we limit what is possible. To acknowledge our dreams as potentially just as “real” as reality--if not more so--doesn’t mean anything goes, it doesn’t mean we can create any reality we want, though certainly we can create much more than we normally believe. The current economic and societal structure has a vested interest in having us believe little is possible, in having us believe in “reality”. Anything that supports the status quo will be encouraged by it. Although this process is natural, it’s not inevitable. With awareness, vision, cooperation and effort, we can shake things up.


Mercury trine north node connects our big dreams to our soul’s purpose: these dreams are meant to serve the collective as well as ourselves. The north node in Libra invites us to collaborate, connect, cooperate. We can’t achieve our dreams alone. Think especially of people you already know or have already connected with, that you might team up with in the service of your vision. Venus shifts into Leo and trines Saturn, linking our rational level-headedness to our desires, and helping us lay down plans for increasing wealth. Mars sextile Jupiter helps us have faith in ourselves, our dreams, and something higher--a power beyond ourselves. This aspect aligns our will with our belief. With Mercury still retrograde, this is a time to go back over rather than begin anew. Reread your journal, reconsider your plans and goals, notice your thought patterns, think back over the past few months. Edit, revise, research, organize. Prepare to take action in the last two weeks of June.

So dream big, dear soul, and remember it’s a dream--meaning you can be as creative as you like. Dream what you want to see manifest, not what you expect. Where do you want to be in ten, twenty, thirty years from now? What is the wildest, best possible future you can imagine? What do you hope the world looks like? What self-defeating thoughts do you need to release in order to work toward that dream? What actions can you plan to take (once Mercury goes direct) that will bring you in that direction? The inner work you do now, the subtle shifts in awareness, will bring you closer to your big dream, and as each of us finds freedom in shaking free, bit by bit, from the constraints of “reality”, we can change what is possible for us.


Aspects go exact on these dates:

June 2 Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 3 Mercury trine North Node

June 5 Venus into Leo

June 5 Mars sextile Jupiter

June 6 Venus trine Saturn