Truth and Lies: Astrology for May 4-10

This week--and for the next few weeks--we’re being asked to observe our inner processes so we can better understand the mind and ourselves--in particular, to distinguish between truth and lies, illusion and reality, dream and fantasy. This is the time to process the many changes that have occurred over the past couple months and clearly focus our sights on where we’re headed--all while keeping our feet firmly rooted on the ground, in the present moment.


We’re coming off the heels of the Full Moon in Scorpio, which happened Sunday night (May 3rd), so this energy is still in the air. At the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite, a formation that requires us to find balance and integrate seemingly opposing forces. The Sun in Taurus loves earthly reality and abundance, the fecundity and promise of spring, the pleasures of material existence, and the rewards of good hard work. The Moon in Scorpio, on the other hand, is that intense piercing gaze into the bowels of emotional reality, the cold hard staring in the face of all we don’t want to see--the shit, the shadow, death and the lies we’ve been told. Calling out the patriarchy, the hegemony, the ideology that is so pervasive it’s invisible. And most difficult of all, seeing our own lies, hurtfulness and the ways in which are implicated in oppression.


So how do we balance these two opposing truths of Taurus and Scorpio? For one, the real pleasures of spring are grounding and healing, which gives us the strength we need to see the truth, for calling out, sitting in, and standing up. We have some mighty tasks on our hands: building our futures, addressing our past, teasing out the impact of oppression, and working, slowly, to repair and rebuild. We need resources to sustain ourselves; we also need nourishment and pleasure. Balance is key.


Pluto pours positive power into this Full Moon, strengthening our ability to use this energy for seeing and speaking truth, as well as for personal and collective transformation. Because nothing will change if we won’t look at the ugly reality--both internal and external. Both Scorpio and Pluto have the ability to go into the darkness and regenerate, to overcome anything, to rise from the ashes.


Mercury goes retrograde from May 19th to June 11th, meaning from Earth, it appears to travel backwards. The “shadow” period begins Monday May 4th, meaning we will start to feel the effects on this day, and they gradually increase. When Mercury goes retrograde, our conscious mind and communication work better internally. We become better at self-reflection and going back over things, rather than starting new things, making major decisions or pushing forward. Mercury Retrograde is difficult only to the extent that we fight the energy, which many of us are inclined to do because our culture is generally so externally focused. It’s best to slow down, make extra time for plans to change, and double check everything. This is also a good time to research, rewrite, or refine work you’ve already done.


Early morning, on Wednesday, May 6th (exact just after midnight PST), Pluto trines the Sun. This is positive, transformative, intense and powerful. Use the energy for personal and collective transformation rather than selfish gain.


On Thursday, May 7th at 4 pm PST, Venus crosses from Gemini into Cancer, deepening our feelings and connecting us to family (chosen or otherwise), home, and close friends. This energy also reminds us how to nurture ourselves, our loved ones, and our gardens. Enjoy, but beware of resistance to change, or being overly attached.


Friday, May 8th, (exact at 8pm PST), Mercury trines the North Node in Libra, bringing us awareness of our purpose--the direction in which we must head for our own and collective evolution. Libra is showing us that our future relies on collaboration--we can’t do this alone.

Mercury square Neptune (exact Saturday, May 9th at 11 am PST) may cloud our ability to think clearly, or lead to confusion, deception or illusion. This is challenging us to clearly distinguish between reality and fantasy or lies. If we don’t force logical thought, then this is conducive to thinking intuitively, creativity, and compassionately. This aspect also helps us to envision the future we want to create. Because of Mercury Retrograde, this aspect will occur two more times over the coming month: Mercury will turn around and backtrack over this point, and then pass it a third time once it starts going forwards again. So this tension between linear thought and intuition is a big theme this month. The goal is not to chose one over the other, but to find a way to integrate them both.


~Many Blessing~