Tension Inspires Creativity: Astrology for May 25-31

Monday May 25th is tense with an exact square between Uranus and Venus, another square between Mars and Neptune, as well as the first quarter moon, when the sun and moon square off. Square (90 degree) aspects represent tension; planets in a square are always in very differents signs and so see things from conflicting perspectives--they are at cross purposes, literally as well as figuratively. And yet, squares hold great potential. The discomfort motivates us to take action to reconcile the seeming opposites; from this, great creativity, insight and innovation arise.


Uranus square Venus brings surprise, excitement and something new to our relationships and/or financial situation. There may be some tension between comfort, past, home, family (Venus in Cancer), and excitement, future, adventure, self (Uranus in Aries). Be ready to see something from a new angle, be open to surprising new opportunities. Work with and through any tension or resistance that arises to find gifts on the other side.


Mars square Neptune holds the potential of the spiritual warrior: one who stands strong and fierce in their knowledge of truth and love. But until we can reconcile the dreamy, vague, all-encompassing energy of Neptune with the fierce, willful fighter, Mars, there may be confusion, a lack of assertiveness, and difficulty setting clear boundaries. Seek to put your will and drive in the service of love and compassion.


On Wednesday May 27th, on the heels of squaring Neptune, Mars conjuncts Mercury. What is the difference between combative and assertive? Today is the day to find out. When the warrior aligns with the intellect, you can ably speak your truth, or pick petty fights. The choice is yours. Pay attention to your mind. See what your ego is up to. Avoid acting on the ego’s urges. Align with your higher mind.


Also on Wednesday, Venus trines Chiron. This is a time for healing through love and healing from past relationships. Surround yourself with those you love and trust, indulge in the pleasures of home and comfort. Contemplate your past relationship wounds and seek to reframe the stories you tell about yourself (to yourself or others). Work toward that most difficult but rewarding task of forgiving yourself and others. Take advantage of this soothing, healing aspect so you are prepared for Sun trine North Node on Thursday May 28th. This aspect helps us envision our future, and orient in that direction. What are you here to accomplish? It's easier to head toward the future when we have addressed the past.


While we're still feeling the effects of Mars square Neptune, on Friday May 29th, now Mercury squares Neptune. This may induce confusion, foggy-headedness, indecision, or escapism. This is not a time for major decisions. You may not have all the information. Avoid escaping with excess drugs, alcohol, shopping, tv, internet, etc. Seek to reconcile the rational, logical mind with the intuitive, imaginative mind. This is a great time for creativity, especially creative writing, daydreaming, dream interpretation, tarot, astrology, watching a fantasy movie, reading something fantastical, etc.


On Saturday May 30th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury, marking the mid-way point of Mercury Retrograde, then on Sunday, it squares Neptune. This intensifies and brings into focus the themes we’ve already visited: the Sun conjunct Mercury powers up the mind--with Mars close by, be wary of picking fights. The Sun, Mars and Mercury together is the “pen is mightier than the sword” aspect. Sun square Neptune may also incline toward escapism, but is great for creativity.

The big picture (when we take into account aspects that aren’t exact, but nevertheless close enough for us to feel), is Mercury conjunct Mars conjunct Sun, all square Neptune and loosely opposite to Saturn. Early in the week, the moon in Virgo is also in the mix, opposite Neptune, and squaring Mercury/Mars/Sun on one side, and Saturn on the other, giving us a grand square. This is intense stuff. This is a week to attend to resistance, tension, and apparent contradictions. Contradictions appear because we interpret energies narrowly, or in a single, specific way--we express Mars as needing to be right, or Neptune as escapism. But the magic of astrology is there are infinite ways to express each energy. As we evolve, we learn to reconcile what seems to be contradictory by finding higher expressions of the energies (e.g. Mars as assertive action, Neptune as connectedness with all life).