Who's the Boss? Astrology for May 18-25

Monday, May 18th, Mercury officially goes Retrograde. The mind is pulled backwards and inwards, to go over, rewrite, research, and revise. Insisting on pushing forward will invite miscommunications and technological snafus, so better to ride the waves and use this time to rest and rework what you have already set in motion.


The skies are quiet from Monday to Thursday, though we will likely start feeling the aspects that arrive later on in the week. On Thursday, May 21st, the Sun transitions from Taurus to Gemini, activating the mind and highlighting communication. It’s starting to get busy. You’ll likely feel more social, more ready to connect, write emails, and have fun. With Mercury retrograde, you may find yourself reconnecting with old acquaintances, friends, lovers, and family with whom you’ve been out of touch with for some time. This theme will continue well into June.


On Friday, May 22nd, Pluto opposes Venus, bringing powerful, transformative energy to our relationships and all we love and value. If you don’t allow the energy its expression, it’ll erupt anyway, so work with whatever comes up rather than avoiding or trying to smooth it over. Pluto is showing you something you need to address in order to move forward. If there is nothing outstanding that you have to attend to, then this energy could instead bring intensity, passion, and deep feelings to your relationships. Also on Friday, Mars trines the North node, helping us take action in a direction that serves our soul growth.


On Saturday, May 23rd, the sun makes its yearly opposition to Saturn, bringing us face to face with discipline and authority, whether internal or external. Saturn has a serious feel, and sometimes it turns up as sadness, restriction, or limitation. The most effective use of this aspect may be to address our own relationship to authority, and seek to find our inner authority. Sort out why you do what you do. Are you living by your own rules and those you’ve consciously chosen to follow, or by those you’ve unconsciously inherited from your family, culture, subculture, etc. This is one in a series of oppositions to Saturn, beginning with Mercury a couple weeks ago, and continuing for the next few weeks. It’s time to own your own authority and wisdom and learn to respect limitation and discipline for the boons they bring down the line.