Release the Dragons: Astrology for April 27-May 3

This week brings the potential for deep healing and emotional release as we approach a full moon in Scorpio. Magic, moody, and intense, be prepared for Feelings! Since Mercury goes retrograde soon (we will feel it next week), now is the time to address any unfinished business.


The beginning of this week marks a brief reprieve, a time to slow down, retreat, and take a moment to process all we’ve been through these past few months. It’s possible to get addicted to stress and drama. As the tension eases, we may have to readjust to not being stressed, and remind ourselves that it’s okay to feel okay. 


On Monday, April 27th, Mars sextiles, and Venus squares Chiron, the wounded healer. This will show us our wounds and inspire us to healing, perhaps around relationship. Be tender with yourself. Our wounded, younger selves live on in the unconscious mind: this week, send love and compassion to the younger you, the you of the more difficult times of your life.


Tuesday, April 28th sustains this theme of healing when the sun sextiles Neptune, reminding us of our interconnectedness and belonging in the human community. Having boundaries, identity, and even ego is necessary for human life, but recognizing their provisional nature is equally necessary. Take time now to reach beyond your ego boundaries and meditate on Wholeness, the One from which all forms emanate. Or take a simpler approach and indulge in daydream, splash some paint, or walk with the tree fairies.


The tone shifts as Mercury zips into Gemini on Thursday, April 30th, bringing activity, communication, and business to the mind. Use this forward motion to write letters, make contact, sign contracts, and make any major purchases. If you have a website, project, or business to launch, now is the time--you can revise and refine later. Back up your files, run your antivirus programs, get your insurance, take care of business now, since Mercury will go retrograde May 18th-June 11th (we’ll feel it already by May 4th), and that can lead to miscommunication, changing plans, changing minds, purchases that have to be returned, and technology breakdowns. Nothing to fear if we know how to use the energy--more on this next week.


The weekend may be super emotional, with Mercury opposite Saturn and a full moon in Scorpio square to Jupiter (all exact on Sunday, May 3rd). Mercury opposite Saturn may incline us to feel lonely, isolated, and even depressed. Keep in mind that this energy is fleeting and may not be an accurate reflection of your reality. Seek to connect with your own inner authority and wisdom and aspire to live according to your own discipline.

The full moon in Scorpio, with Jupiter accentuating it, may bring a welling up of emotion. Find the courage to be vulnerable, be moody, release the dragons. Whatever you find, can you see it, can you feel it? Witness and release what surfaces. Take time for meditation, contemplation, journalling--whatever it is you need to work through your emotional response. At this time, you will have greater access to your inner depths. Great healing can come. Once the storm passes, you may feel refreshed and renewed. Give it a day or two. 

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Many blessings.