Plunge Into the Deep

We have collectively gone through a major shift in the past two months. Do you feel it? If life has been a rollercoaster, if you have struggled, or if you have experienced crises, turning points, endings, and beginnings--well, you are right on track. The recent astrology has pushed us off the diving board, even if we weren’t quite ready to take the plunge on our own. We are being pushed to evolve, to let go of what we hold onto for comfort or out of fear, and to plunge into the deep unknown of our futures.


This week, the sun joins Mars and Mercury in Taurus. The shift from Aries energy to Taurus reminds us that change won’t happen overnight: this transition is for the long haul. Slow and steady, we create the future one day at a time. If you feel you’ve slowed down, that’s a good thing. The urgency of Aries would burn itself out if we kept the pace we’ve been at for the past few weeks. Earthy Taurus helps us to ground our vision in reality, and accumulate resources so we can fuel our dreams, take care of ourselves, and therefore others.


One after the other, Mars and Mercury trine Pluto this week. With Pluto having recently gone retrograde (April 16), the God of the Underworld brings to light aspects of the unconscious mind we may not like to see—but this seeing will help us to evolve. Dreams, nightmares, deep thoughts, old memories, or eruptions of the shadow side (from yourself or others) are likely these days. Last Sunday’s New Moon in Aries helps us find the courage to face the dragons in the depths of the mind. Take this opportunity to better understand yourself, release what is no longer needed, and do the difficult self-work that Pluto demands.


Mercury conjunct Mars on Wednesday, brings force to the mind. Beware of getting defensive over nothing, but if you can stay detached, this is great energy for speaking your truth.


On Wednesday, Venus trines Jupiter, and on Sunday, she sextiles Uranus. Both are pleasant, joyous, and conducive to rejuvenation and socializing. So, after all we’ve been through, and are still going through, be sure to take a much needed and well deserved break.