Happy Full Moon in Taurus (and an Invitation)!

Happy Full Moon in Taurus!

The Full Moon is exact on Tuesday (Oct 27) morning at 5:06am PST. Taurus is about materiality, embodiment, and sensual pleasures--enjoying earth, beauty, good food, and comfort. Taurus is presence in the body, stillness, patience. The shadow side is attachment or addiction to sensual pleasure and comfort.

Yesterday, my partner and I prepared our garden plot for winter, ripping out what remained of the tomatoes, tomatillos, and squash, tending to the cabbage and greens that we’ll keep for the winter, and harvesting the last of the summer crop. It was a glorious fall day, and it was deeply satisfying to work in the garden, immersed in fall colours, crisp air, and the many smells of harvest. This appreciation for earth, and the sensual pleasures it brings is very Taurus.

At the Full Moon, the sun and the moon are opposite, triggering a tension, in this case, between the Moon in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio. While Taurus is simple, present, grounded, Scorpio wants to analyze, dig deep, and pierce the surface to access hidden mysteries. Scorpio is about physical death, as well as the symbolic death and rebirth of transformation. Taurus holds on, builds, accumulates; Scorpio lets go, releases, cleans out.

While gardening is Taurus, cleaning out the garden and preparing for winter is Scorpio. The harvest is Taurus, the death of the summer crops is Scorpio. Taurus indulges in the scents, the colours, the textures. Scorpio wants to see the worms and bugs in the soil, and consider the mystery of correspondence between our mundane actions, and their spiritual meaning.


An Invitation

The meaning of the Full Moon (or any aspect) for YOU personally, becomes much more precise when we can look at your birth chart, and see where the Full Moon lands. I give some instructions below for how you can access your chart.

I’d like to invite you to share with me, and possibly with Mystic Sandwich readers, your chart and personal anecdotes, or a few sentences on what is happening for you now or recently. So, for example, do any of the themes above resonate for you? How are they turning up in your life specifically? Or, you might share something that has no relation to what I’ve been writing about, but you’d like to understand its astrological meaning in your life.

In future forecasts, I’d like to include some of these as examples. If I chose your anecdote to share, I will keep all your info anonymous. Essentially, you will be getting a little personal astrology for free, and hopefully others will benefit as well by having some specific examples of how the astrology can manifest.

I may not use all the anecdotes that are shared, but will choose those which relate to ongoing major aspects, so that they’ll be relevant to all readers. If you’re not interested in sharing anecdotes, I encourage you to download your chart nevertheless. Learning to understand your own chart is the most empowering and meaningful part of astrology. And I hope to include some simple suggestions in future posts for how you can start to make sense of your chart.


How to access your chart

Enter your birth information here. (If you don’t know your birth time, select ‘unknown’).  This gives you your birth chart. To get your chart with the current aspects, click ‘free horoscopes’ in the menu, then ‘extended chart selection’. Scroll down to “Additional Objects”, click “add aspect lines to Chiron” and “Lunar Node”, then “click here to show chart”. Finally, above the chart, on the right, there’s a blue button that says “with transits”. Click that. Done!

(Don’t worry if it looks mysterious--begin by contemplating the shapes, begin with your intuition). Now, to send me a copy, right click or control click the image, and “save image as”.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions or give me feedback! I'm really looking forward to collaborating with you on this!